Mistapes, I’ve made a few

Had the idea for a series of mixtapes that were titled based on common mistake quotes. Just because they sounded similar and could be somewhat humorous. Simply by replacing the word “mistake” for “mixtape” and then imagining that as a title was quite funny imho.

Here’s the list so far… might add more as they arrive in the noggin’. Or might just forget about this silly idea ha.

Ah well, we all make mixtapes.

Mixtapes, I’ve made a few.

Without music, life would be a mixtape.

A person who never made a mixtape never tried anything new

Don’t mixtape my tears for weakness

Never mixtape activity for achievement

You haven’t had a good life unless you’ve made a mixtape

Unlike politicians, I can admit to a mixtape

Inaction is perhaps the greatest mixtape of all

People mixtape their limitations for high standards

It’s a mixtape to mix politics and sport

Every time you are feeling entitled, you are making a mixtape

You make a mixtape, you keep going

The worst mixtape you can make is underestimating your enemy

The first mixtape of art is assuming it’s serious

Don’t mixtape my lust for love

Mixtapes are how you learn

It’s a mixtape if you didn’t learn from it

Many people mixtape opinions for thought

A classic mixtape is holding out for something better

A common mixtape… is to politicize everything including music

Don’t mixtape niceness for weakness

If you don’t make mixtapes, you aren’t trying hard enough.

Mixtapes are the portals to discovery

getting out there ramble

It had been a rough few weeks in the exercise dept. & struggled with motivation and finding time to simply “get out there”. Usually an outing is 8-12km and a bit of a time commitment so excuses were rampant. Oh it’s too hot, I’m tired, there’s too many other things to do… yadayadayada.

Frustrated by not running, this past week I put into play the same philosophy I use for music practice which simply is: “practice daily even if it’s just for 10 mins”. It’s better to get a daily minimum in then nothing at all. Of course what usually happens is that 10 mins becomes 30 or more which for practice is fantastic! Just the act of starting the task for a perfectly acceptable smaller time commitment is the key.

Applying that mantra to running, I stopped thinking I need an hour to spare to “get out there”. Instead, just thinking initially that 20 mins is all I need. If I get 20 mins in, that would be great. The idea being that I just needed to get out there and feel better. Just a short run will do that. So I got out there more often this week and finally succeeded in attaining the modest weekly km goal on Strava for the first time in a month. Of course, once I was out there, 20 mins most times became 30 or sometimes 45 which was a bonus!

Point of this ramble is try setting smaller goals when struggling with motivation. U might get surprised by the results like yours truly. Another trick I used this week was jogging at dusk. I’m not a morning person! Haha. It’s somewhat cooler out (it’s been crazy humid) and I’ve always found night jogging to at least make u feel like u are going faster than u are so that helps motivate as well imho. But if u are out at night, watch for skunks!

Stay free!